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The William Formby Club was created in honour of William Formby!

William Harper Formby (1818-1892) first moved to Adelaide with his brother John in 1839. By 1877, He had ventured into the business of trade and horse dealing and soon became quite successful. William had bought the original Queens Theatre in Adelaide and had refitted the inside to become an undercover horse bazzar for the colony, that meant they could trade horses and carriages in all weather conditions.

The Metala label has a rich historical background that goes back to the 1850’s. The Metala name first came under the ownership of William Formby in 1882 when he bought the property off the original settler, Herman Daenke. From here William had intended to set up a horse stud as well as a place for the animals that he provided for the stage coaches running from Adelaide to Melbourne.

 The current owner, farmer and custodian of Metala, Guy Adams has created the William Formby range that the club stems from as a dedication to his great x4 grandfather William Formby. As without him he would not have gotten the chance to be a part of the Metala legacy.

As a member of the William Formby Club you will receive a wide range of offers/ benefits as listed down below:

·       You will receive a 6-pack allocation of 6 x bottles William Formby Shiraz and 6 x bottles William Formby Cabernet Sauvignon upon each vintage release

·       You will receive 2 x complimentary tickets as well as a personal invitation from Guy Adams, to join him for an exclusive dining experience and tasting before the upcoming release of the William Formby wines.

·       As a William Formby member, you will receive a 15% discount off retail price for the William Formby range.

·       As a valued member, you will also receive a 20% discount all year round for any Metala White label, Brothers in arms and Killibinbin wines.

·       You will receive priority access to the Semper Fidelis wine club if at any point you want to join.

·       You will receive free postage with your club purchase as well as any purchases made throughout the year.

·       You will receive priority/ exclusive invitation to any future Metala events or dinners.


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William Formby Club
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